Granola Bars

Food: Best Damn Granola Bars

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Granola Bars

I don’t say this lightly… these are truly the most delicious granola bars you will ever put in your mouth. They are just the right amount of sweet, salty, and crunch. They have that special gourmet quality that make them worth every single calorie.

Indulge me for a moment while I compare you beautiful souls to these heavenly granola bars. There are so many fantastic stand alone ingredients thrown into this. You’ve got the crunchy almonds, sweet apricots, tangy cranberries, gooey honey, and unsalted butter. Or what about the shredded coconut (that would be my friend, Chandler, and her shredded abs), hearty wheat germ (you know the type), and pitted dates?

We are each so unique and different. We were grown in various soils and climates. Some of us are a little salty (my assistant, Molly), and some of us are sweet to the core (my daughter, Lucy). But when come together and own our unique gifts and experiences, we can contribute beautifully to the whole and make something absolutely delicious out of life. It takes all of us to make the world go round!


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