“Bravery Bundle” Handmade leather Journal

Artisan made leather journal adorned with an authentic African elephant coin. Each journal is hand-sewn making it durable for the trail as well as attractive for business meetings… and everything in between. The leather is ethically sourced, smooth, nappa leather. I hope you will keep this journal nearby to document all your adventures and FLOW stories.


In stock

Each journal is handmade and will have unique characteristics.

Made from ethically sourced nappa leather and filled with linen paper.

Includes an authentic elephant coin coming from select African countries. Each coin is hand selected from limited run coins produced between 1947 and 2007. Your coin will be unique to your jounral and may look different than the coin pictured here.


Handle this journal as much as you choose as its character will only increase with scuffs, scratches & exposure to oils.