“Bravery Bundle” Stainless Water Bottle

You might’ve seen Kelley using this bottle throughout South Africa.

Near and dear to Kelley’s heart for it’s sustainability mission, this 15 oz stainless steel, reusable water bottle keeps liquid hot or cold for 12 hours and features colors and patterns inspired by the makers trips around the globe. 20 cents of every bottle sold is donated to ocean conservancy. Find out more in the product details below.

Offered in 3 styles:

  • The “Jean Black Blu” bottle features a black & white speckled pattern
  • The “African Elephant” bottle features a marching elephants motif
  • The “Ocean Coral” bottle features a pink and red coral design.


Slim enough to fit in all cup holders, the shape of this reusable bottle is easy to grip. Insulated, it will keep any beverage hot or cold for up to 12 hours. Help make a difference in our environment with this reusable bottle that will aid in keeping plastics out of our oceans.

And, since we support Ocean Conservancy, you can be part of solving the problems that threaten our beautiful oceans.

  • Bottle made out of stainless steel, inside and out

  • Holds 15.2 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage

  • BPA & phthalate free cap, with silicone ring for easy opening.

  • Hand wash, the top opening is large enough for most ice cubes

  • We donate 20 cents per bottle to Ocean Conservancy for every blu bottle sold, $37,500 donated to date, with a $50,000 minimum through 2018

Offered in 3 styles: The “Jean Black Blu” bottle features a black & white speckled pattern, The “African Elephant” bottle features a pink elephant motif, and the “Ocean Coral” bottle.